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Flashback to the delight of black-and-white movies, to silent films, with the magic of jazz.

The band CinéX'TET/Bruno Régnier converse with some of the major silent film heroes , among them Buster Keaton and Douglas Fairbanks.
To go along with their adventures, nine musicians play live the music composed by Bruno Régnier and give themselves over to the pleasure of improvisation.
It is an acoustic band with varied instrumental shades that replaces the traditional pianist.
This intimist music highlights each of the musicians performing duet pieces with the hero.
The Blues, waltzes, very free solos are mingled in a humorous style, constantly serving the pictures whose choreographer is Bruno Régnier.

After "Steamboat Bill Jr.", "Sherlock Jr." and "Buster's Shorts" by Buster Keaton, we are now invited by the Ciné X'TET/Bruno Régnier, to the meeting with Douglas Fairbanks starring in Fred Niblo's film "The Mark of Zorro".